AndreasAndreas Fulgosi’s playing reveals a slightly saturated sound, accompanied by syncopated phrasing. He does not hesitate to play with melodic and harmonic tensions, giving a unique texture to his compositions, in which he delights in exploiting the sounds and universe of the electric guitar. Originally a classical cello player before fully devoting himself to the guitar, he deepens his knowledge of improvisation at the AMR (an association for the encouragement of improvised music), Geneva. After attending the Montreux Jazz School and the Bern Jazz School, he studies with Mick Goodrick, John Scofield and Wolfgang Muthspiel. In the early 90’s he forms his first band as a leader, the BLT quartet (modern jazz).

His collaboration with German ballerina and choreographer Sibylla Klein on the shows "Empty Space", "Wo gehen die geträumten Träume", "Shocking Life" and "Tauko", a Finnish exhibition, for which he writes and interprets the music, widens the range of his musical approach.

Andreas Fulgosi forms the By-Spiel Project, eager to make full use of the world of sounds in jazz music through the use of traditional instruments from different cultures as well as modern instruments mixed with electronics. Thus, he creates a multitude of contrasts within his original compositions. He releases “Looking Outside”, recorded with German avant-gardist trombone player Albert Mangelsdorff and “Madagascar” , following the encounter with Madagascan percussionist Ricky Olombelo.

The other ensembles he leads and composes for are also part of his musical environment: "Blood on the Floor" (compositions inspired by the music of the Sex Pistols) and the quartet "Dusty Road" (guit, pedal steel, b, dms, modal electric jazz).

He is also member of the Raaga Trio (Afro Jazz), the Fulgosi-Perez Quintet (modern jazz), Red Brick Organic Trio (guit, Hammond B3, dms). "VAL AFUMO" (live improvisation on the movies of American cineast Mike Ballou), "Stringvox" duo and "Palatone" (live poetry and music) and Galm Quartet (experimental improvisation).

Andreas Fulgosi has performed with: Lars Lindvall (tp), Andra Kouyaté (n’goni bass) Olombelo Ricky (perc), Albert Mangelsdorff (tb), Jean- Jacques Pedretti (tb), François Gallixe (b), Pia Karaspuro (dance), Maurice Magnoni (sax, cl), Ali Farka Touré (voc, guit), Bassekou Kouyaté (n'goni), Ba Cissoko (kora), Neba Solo (balaphon), Michel Bastet (p), Serge Zaug (sax), Bill Holden (tp), Patrice Moret (b), Luigi Galati (dm), Jérôme Regard (b), Samuel Blaser (tb), Nicola Orioli (cl,sax), Pascal Schaer (tb), Lionel Friedli (dm), Philippe Aerts (b), Marcelo Aguirre (dm), Peter Morrens (visual artist), Juha Valkeapää (vocal performer) and Claudia Urio (voc).

He played in the Berlin Jazzfest, the Prague Jazz Festival, the Munich Jazz Festival, the Görlitz Jazz Festival, the Ouagadougou Jazz Festival, the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival (Sénégal), the Guinea Jazz Festival , the Accra Jazz Nights (Ghana) , the Savona Jazz Festival (Italiy) and Jazz Festival Madajazzcar (Madagascar).

His various performances have taken him to Germany, the Czech Republic, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Italy, Finland, Belgium, France and Mali.